Enginar provides services in the area of HR management, specializing in searching for and recruitment of employees, in personal consultancy and strategic HR consultancy. Our services are divided into the following specific areas:

Direct&Executive Search

Our Contingency service is dedicated to projects that do not always require complicated and multi-tiered verification of candidates, nor thorough and detailed market analysis. It is an excellent way to take advantage of our candidate database and the existing relationships with specialists, experts and managers that are typically actively looking for new career opportunities.

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Retained services is suitable for the most demanding recruitment processes. In the face of the exacting market and staffing shortages as regards managers and specialists, we bring you this multi-layered process, individually tailored to the needs of your company and requirements.

We focus on a close analysis of your organization and on the external market that surrounds it to ensure that the steps and elements of the proposed process accurately respond to your needs, as well as ensure complete confidentiality; protecting your interests and of course the interests ant prospective candidates.

We employ non-standard methods and tools to search for and verify only the very best specialists, managers or senior executives in the market, especially those for who value their privacy.

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(Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

The RPO service is dedicated to clients looking for full external support in recruitment (Full Recruitment Cycle), Sourcing & Screening or short-term/seasonal intensive recruitment projects (Project RPO).

As part of the above models, you fully hand  business processes, gaining efficiency and flexibility in recruitment. In addition, we relieve employers from administrative obligations, while ensuring effective recruitment and Employer Branding.

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Interim Management & Body Leasing

Interim is a special type of service, combining the urgent need to find highly competent candidates within a short timeframe. There are many business situations when you may need experts for a defined period of time or specific project:

  • sudden leavers or long term absences from work
  • change or transitional periods to manage
  • short term projects as a result of mergers or takeovers
  • project management of a specific project

Thanks to our long-lasting expertise within the provision of consultancy services and access to highly skilled individual experts and specialists we are able to offer you not only the recruitment process and access to candidates, but also legal assistance and back office/payroll to immediately engage such candidates and consultants to fulfill your specific requirement.

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Talent Management

(Talent Mapping & Pooling, AC/DC)

When implementing the Talent Management service we spend an extensive amount of time to thoroughly understand your organization and your business needs.
When assessing a pool of talented prospective candidates suitable to your organisation we target candidates with only the high potential. We check whether their competence level matches the needs of your organization in the context of the outlined criteria and current business situation. In order to ensure precise assessment of the potential represented by employees/candidates going through the recruitment process, we prepare Assessment Center sessions for you, based on our own know-how and the longstanding experience of our Assessors.

By carrying out a high-quality assessment of all candidate’s potential and competences, and in relation to the entire evaluated group, we can facilitate your ability to make the right hiring decisions and reducing risk of selecting the wrong candidates to a minimum.

Enginar also views Talent management in a broader perspective, accounting for the future plans of our business partners. Talent Mapping & Pooling is predicated on a proactive approach to identification of potential candidates available on the market. It consists of an analysis of a given business environment with a view of identification and reaching best candidates in chosen organizations who are your direct and indirect competitors.

We can provide you unique insights into your competitors and their employees.

Moreover, we address the need for continued cost optimization by way of a thorough market analysis. As a result, we provide you with knowledge on potential costs of planned investments, such as: shift or expansion of operations, headcount increases versus the remuneration market, etc.

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