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‘We are a personnel consultancy company specializing in the recruitment of specialists, professionals, managers and senior level executives.

Enginar provides an unrivalled service to both our Clients and to Candidates. We could not do this without the right attitude and approach to the people we work with on a daily basis.

Through our understanding of the unique aspects of all Clients are Candidates, we make sure our recruitment initiatives are delivered with an individual and bespoke solution. This key to our success is our understanding of each Client organization as one of a kind in terms of its culture, mission and values and we ensure these are taken into consideration as a key element of the recruitment process and the selection and recruitment of candidates.

Teamwork is one of Enginar core values. We want to make sure that our consultants work not only ‘shoulder to shoulder’, but also ‘hand in hand’, to pursue both individual and Team goals.

As Enginar consultants, we always play fair. We are fair to our Clients, to the Candidates and to ourselves. As a Team, we believe in open communication and we encourage all employees to always come forward with clear feedback on any element of how our company oerates and delivers the first class service in our market.

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